Chilling in Samaipata

First time I’ve really “stopped” since the whole robbery event. Between making police report, returning to Santiago for replacement passport, new laptop, catching up on some work tasks, heading north from Santiago again, travelling across the salt plains into Bolivia, Spanish lessons in Sucre… now for a deep breath…

I’ve finally reached Samaipata where it is almost mandatory to chill for a few days. The three day trip across the desert plains between San Pedro de Atacama to Uyuni was amazing, but too bumpy and freezing to be relaxing. And what started out as a plan to do two weeks of Spanish classes in sleepy Sucre became a realisation it wasn’t quite an interesting enough place to spend two weeks there by yourself without resorting to copious amounts of alcohol and late nights in clubs searching for elusive companionship.

But Samaipata… I’m sitting here as dusk falls, around 6:30pm, and it’s the first time in over a month that darkness has not been accompanied by freezing temperatures. Surrounded by mountains, lovely old Spanish villa in the centre of this small, sleepy town. Tomorrow will be a trekking day which I’m very much looking forward too, if it’s as pleasant a day as today I’ll be working up some sweat (which I haven’t done for a while), with a relieving swim in a waterfall pool at the end of it all. It’s definitely been some time since it’s been warm enough to think of swimming!

Another week and I’ll be in Cusco, where the plan is to find an apartment for a few months, catch up on some work, enjoy some trekking and obviously the prerequisite trip to Machu Pichu. It’s been an exhausting last couple of months, I’m starting to see the value in having a “home base” to return to. Now I just need to work out where that should be.

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