Santa Monica breakfast

Cheeseburger for breakfast. Only in America can you walk for half an hour through the main part of town and the healthiest breakfast option you can find is a cheeseburger. Healthy? Well, that’s the lettuce and tomato. Oh, and don’t forget the “pickle spear”. Yep, a long slice of pickle to accompany your burger. This is actually the highlight of the meal, and biting a piece off to chew with a mouthful of burger helps create a slightly healthier perception. It’s all about perceptions, right?

But where is the US version of Australia’s “Boost” juice bars? I’m sure they’re around, but seemingly absent from right where you would most expect one, near the bach and pier at upscale Santa Monica, one of the “beautiful people” places of L.A.

There’s plenty of fried food & pizza options. There’s a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant, a reminder of the US’s standing as the franchise centre of the world. And of course there’s the bars. Breakfast beer anyone? Nothing wrong with that when you’re on holiday of course, but unfortunately I’m driving down to San Diego shortly, a three hour drive better done fully sober. Plus have had enough beer over the last couple of days to last me a day or two.

Hence healthy would have been good, but just plain out of luck.

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