Super Pancho to the rescue!

No, he’s not some Spanish speaking super hero, rather the most common street vendor food in Argentina. And it’s a bloody hotdog!

Yep, that’s right, the food that every man, women, child and dog seems to consume with frightening regularity in Argentina is the good ol’ hotdog! How’s that for exotic South American cuisine?

And perhaps I shouldn’t say “street vendor food”, as panchos are served in many restaurants and most bars it would seem. Oh it might say “Pancho Special”, or “Pancho Deluxe” on some menus, but scrape away a bit of cheese and the odd pickle and you have the same old frankfurt and bun you’ll find on every street corner!

I have to admit, of all the things I was looking forward to coming to South America, the thing that has disappointed me most – in Buenos Aires at least – is the food. If you go to any restaurant that isn’t a specific “foreign” cuisine, you may as well be reading the same menu: empanadas, basic ensalada (tomato, lettuce, cucumber), pizza, carne, pollo… and that’s about it. Oh, sorry, forgot the milanesa, which is basically a wafer thin slice of meat (beef, chicken or fish) covered with breadcrumbs and fried. The flavour? Breadcrumb.

That’s it, with a sad selection of postres for dessert if you’re lucky. Buenos Aires is not a culinarian’s delight, that’s for sure!

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