The heat is on…

The guy standing next to be on the collectivo (bus) is wearing a suit, jacket on, with a buttoned up collared shirt. The air hangs hot & humid, wrapping itself around my body, my clothing clinging to the thin layer of sweat covering me. The guy next to me must be the only guy on the bus wearing long sleeves, much less a jacket. The partially opened windows offer only the merest hint of relief, the stop-start nature of the journey through crowded, peak hour Buenos Aires not lending itself to generating any kind of air flow. The suited guy also appears to be the only person on the bus not sweating.

I had been warned about the Buenos Aires summer, the combination of heat & humidity a killer I had been informed. I hadn’t been overly concerned having endured many infamously hot & humid Sydney summers, but in today’s late afternoon trip on a crowded, non-air conditioned bus, I was beginning to appreciate the one major difference between Buenos Aires and Sydney – Buenos Aires is around 5 hours from the ocean.

Sure, BsAs has a river running by the city, a river that in some places appears as wide as an ocean. But there’s a reason why “refreshing river breeze” isn’t quite as common a phrase as “refreshing sea breeze”… and I was starting to appreciate the warnings friends of mine had given.

So, a hot, humid summer in Buenos Aires…

I shouldn’t really be here now. When I first arrived back in April, my plan had been 3 months in BsAs while learning Spanish, and then off travelling. Well my Spanish hasn’t gone anywhere… and neither have I. I was hoping for early December as recently as a month ago, but then a heap of work came in, so now seems I’m here for a hot & humid Xmas and New Years.

Is it all bad? Of course not. I will always – always – take hot & humid over cold. Give me sweat over shivering any day of the week! And the women… more heat means of course less clothing… and there aren’t many better places in the world to be for women in short skirts and skimpy tops than Buenos Aires, let me assure you gentlemen!

I also starting to understand why Buenos Aires is the cinema going capital of the world – two hours of cool, air conditioned comfort. Huge shopping malls are also a feature of the modern BsAs, popping up all over town. So do we have consumerism being driven by the community’s need for escape from the heat & humidity of summer? Worked for Vegas, why not here?

And the bright side of this hot, humid bus trip? I’m on my way to Retiro, the main central long distance bus depot for Buenos Aires, for a 4 hour trip to the coastal resort town of Mar Del Plata. Beach here I come!

Note: I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago on my way to Mar Del Plata, have just now uploaded to the blog.

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