Well that’s pretty fucked!

The original title of this post was going to be “Fucky fucky… but still bye bye bikey” (including the “Fucky fucky” story…), and I was going to regale you with my adventures and funny stories from my two months on a motorbike, and explain the reasons for deciding to sell and continue the rest of my South American trip by bus/hitching/boat/train.

Unfortunately some prick of a thief robbing me on the eve of my birthday put paid to that idea.

And by robbery, I mean cleaned out of all the good stuff, over four grand’s worth in total. Laptop, camera, iPhone, prescription glasses and sunglasses… and $1,500 in cash. Why so much cash? Sold my motorbike two days earlier didn’t I? Proceeds that would have easily funded two months travel/living through Bolivia and Peru. Timing – as they say – is everything, and for that cunt of  thief, it was all his Christmases at once.

The worst thing about the incident? Well apart from the cash (NOT covered by insurance), I think I saw the guy. In fact, I’m certain I saw the guy. Corner of my eye, moving past me down the aisle as some passengers got off, others got on. I was across the aisle from my day pack, ironically enough looking out the window to check on my main pack as they unloaded disembarking passengers luggage, took my eye of my day pack for maybe 30 seconds… Stupid thing is, I would have preferred someone stole my main pack, only clothing in that one…

This incident has really knocked my about, I feel like I’ve lost a lot of my “travel confidence”. I had already changed my plans with the sale of my motorbike, but now I’m having second thoughts about getting to those more remote places I’ve always loved discovering. Travelling through Africa I was hitching rides with anyone on anything, aiming to reach the most remote outposts on the map. Now, I feel like I just want the familiarity and safety of the well worn “gringo trail”… hostels with wifi & security lockers, drinking with other backpackers… all feels so fresh still, just over a week ago at the time of writing this, so maybe these feelings will change? Hopefully, I’m not sure I’ll get quite the enjoyment from the “safe” travel road as I do from off the beaten track.

But I do feel so vulnerable now. It’s almost as if along with all the gear, the thief also stole my confidence. Will I get it back again?


  1. Such a HUGE bummer. I’m so so sorry! You will get your confidence back. I know it’s hard but, try to put it behind you. At least you weren’t hurt. Count your blessings!

  2. Oh boy, oh boy! I so feel for you & to have looked the guy in the eye – you will never get that mans face out of your mind. Well let’s assume he needed it more than you did, but I doubt it! You will bounce back & you should either stick to your plans or go home, work, save & then go do it the way you want to with the stuff & security you need. You are an inspiration to me as I travel the world & am new to it all. Love Holly xox

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