Five Irish lads (and a fridge)

We had the good fortune of a visit from 5 Northern Irish lads from a little town called Ballynahinch, who brought a great deal of energy, commitment and laughter to our neck of the woods for an unfortunately too short a time. As a bit of a final night thankyou along with our bonfire on the beach, I wrote this little ditty as a tribute, which I then “sung”, or more accurately presented as “performance art” as Justin from Canada so aptly described my singing ability. This unfortunate act has also been filimed by Nigel, one of the “Irish five”, and will be available for download on the Internet very soon, along with Paris Hilton’s latest release.

– Five Irish lads (and a fridge) –

Five lads rode in
from Ballynahinch
With a squint in their eyes
and one with a limp

They came with skills
and tools of their trade
To make their mark
though preferably in the shade

There was Alan the sparkie
in charge of the lights
With a heart just as big
as his legs were white

And Brian… engineer
could build anything at all
No rewards did he seek
just a swim was all

There’s big Jackie the lad
on the phone to his wife
Grandad to all the kids
and brought joy to their life

Then there was Nigel the chemist
though a councellor by heart
Building bridges of love
is what set him apart

And finally there was Davey
a little shakey of leg
Who worked his butt off
’til his skin turned bright red

They came, they saw
they spread many smiles
But most important of all…

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  1. Guys – those mossie nets that saved you being bitten as you slept in the YMCA at Kallar were bought by my team when we camped on the same floors in Jan 05. In return I am hoping that you will help me. I am going to be on the BBC next month in a programme about the rebuild at Kallar and I want to use any publicity I get from that to raise funds to help with the continuing effort. Please get in touch so that we can make a plan. It would be too good an opportunity to miss.

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