Gallery: Sri Lanka, after the tsunami 2004

Seven years ago today, on Boxing Day 2004, a giant tsunami caused unprecedented devastation across parts of coastal South East Asia. Shortly afterwards I flew to Sri Lanka with the hope that I could offer some sort of assistance, at the very least be of slightly more benefit than hindrance. On a reflective Boxing Day 2011 my thoughts return to Kallar, the small village on the east coast where I spent most of my time helping out. I’ve trod a winding path since that time, but I’m sure it fades in comparison to the mountain the people of Kallar & Sri Lanka have climbed from this time. One day I would like to return, and hopefully see my old friends living peaceful, productive lives.

My 2004/05 Sri Lanka blog | My first sight of the devastation | Additional images of the initial devastation | More photos on Flickr

[flickrset id=”72157601860840603″ thumbnail=”square” photos=”” overlay=”true” size=”medium”]

(And apologies for the small size of the photos, I don’t actually know where the original, larger versions are).

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