“Nay na na na…”

So goes the song pumping out from the bar/restaurant behind where I lie on my sun lounge, toes burrowing into the soft sand as I gaze lazily across the turquoise blue bay. Yeah, life can be hard sometimes…

Being based on the south west coast – Sri Lanka’s tourism central – for these last few weeks, I thought it would be positively rude of me if I didn’t get down to one of the beach resort areas for a few days of r & r at least. And with bikini-clad girls to the left of me, bikini-clad girls to the right of me, and now a g-string clad girl emerging dripping wet from the sea in front of me… well, I figure a little time out won’t be hurting anyone.

Besides, I figure after two and a half months I deserve it, if I do say so myself. So here I am in Unawatuna, just around from Galle in the south, a beautiful bay protected by a reef just off shore that I’ll be diving on tomorrow.

“Waiter, another of those cocktails please, the one with all the fruity bits!”

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