“Young man… are you listening to me…”

Well, three days and no news from that organisation I had arranged my entire placement with, so… am currently in the offices of the YMCA, waiting to undergo a day’s training before heading out with them over to the east coast. Yep, I’m gonna be working for the YMCA!!

Everybody… “Y… M… C… A…”

They’re actually one of the few groups in Colombo who seem to have their act together regarding what they need on the other side of the country. The Red Cross head office told me they didn’t need any more volunteers, even though those two English guys I’d met earlier in the week had said that on the ground over there they were crying out for more help. Anyway, at least now I’ve organised something and feel like I’m moving forward. The last few days have been a little frustrating… Colombo isn’t the most fascinating city in the world, plus I had come here for a reason and felt a little helpless sitting around waiting. Just getting over to the east coast and being able to help out whichever aid organisation needs it will be positive.

Did go out yesterday afternoon to the Galle Face Hotel, this beautiful old colonial style hotel, set around a green lawn fringed with palm trees, to have a couple of drinks on the wide veranda and watch the sun set. That was pretty cool, and then after that went to this place called “The Cricket Club Cafe” which was a bit of a trip, walking into a bar/restaurant with cricket memorbilia covering all the walls – and I mean ALL the walls. Was like being in the SCG bar or similar.

Oh, and earlier in the day I’d made a quick trip past the Pagoda Tea Room, which is where Duran Duran filmed their “Hungry like the worlf” video clip.

Anyway, that’s it from Colombo for now, next you’ll hear from me will be from over on the east coast, and then I’ll probably have a little more news on the actual devastation areas.

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