Brave new world, or scared old one?

This TED Talk covers an issue I’ve been concerned with for a while, with regards to how we actually access news and information online and how that is affecting us as a society. Rather than utilising it to discover all the information that is available, I believe that the majority of people are filtering it to find only the information and/or viewpoints they already know or hold, thereby simply reaffirming rather than questioning their personal world view. In this TED Talk, the speaker outlines how this is not even controlled by users any more, but is thrust upon them without their knowledge by the online channels we utilise to access information: Facebook, Google et al. It’s a little depressing and so much less than I recall the hope was amongst many when I was studying communications in the early 2000s, when the Internet was still relatively new to many, and at the same time as I was starting out on my career within the digital arena. It seems we really are not stepping into a “brave new world”, but rather trying to hold onto our “scared old one”. What do you think?

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